Meet your Host

Hi! I'm Elaine

I am a Business Consultant, who specializes in building a business around your values and customer experience. Spefically focused on behind the scenes systems, automations, launching big ideas and marketing them.

With my “Get Out of Your Own Damn Way and Get Shit Done” approach, I put my clients on the "accelerated path" to ravamping their businesses and implementing new ideas. My Get Shit Done For You Services help you launch your idea quickly and scale beyond six-figures.

I am a retired photographer, mother to two grown children, and when she’s not helping clients, networking, or being interviewed on a podcast you can find me driving to my favorite coffee stand for a spiced chai latte and watching re-runs of Friends.




Now the part you’ve been waiting for.

Here are the amazing speakers you’ll hear from at The Reawakened Mom Summit



Now the part you’ve been waiting for.

Here are the amazing speakers you’ll hear from at The Reawakened Mom Summit

Now the part you’ve been waiting for.

Here are the amazing speakers you’ll hear from at The Reawakened Mom Summit



Now the part you’ve been waiting for.

Here are the amazing speakers you’ll hear from at The Reawakened Mom Summit

Now the part you’ve been waiting for.

Here are the amazing speakers you’ll hear from at The Reawakened Mom Summit



Now the part you’ve been waiting for.

Here are the amazing speakers you’ll hear from during The Elevate your Customer Experience Summit



Now the part you’ve been waiting for.

Here are the amazing speakers you’ll hear from at The Reawakened Mom Summit

Panel #1: 8:10am – 9:10am PST Building a Customer-Centric Culture

Julie DeLucca-Collins

Industry: Business, Podcast Production, Speaking

Go Confidently Coaching

I am a business and life strategist coach, Certified in Tiny Habits. I help women create the strategy and simple habits to run their businesses like business, become profitable, gain their freedom, and be the CEO of their life and business. I am also a mindfulness and CBT coach and mental fitness. I like speaking about personal brand and confidence.

Lisa Condon

Industry: Consulting and Process Development

Lisa Condon Enterprises

I’m a business consultant and strategist, who specializes in building plans and teams rooted in Values and Processes/structures to ensure the customer experience is stellar. I’ve made bold moves over the past 15 years of my business to make sure I was in alignment with the work I do. Every time, without fail, I gained new clients. I bring a personalized approach every time and I listen without fail.

Marti Statler

Industry: Publishing

Rebel Queen

Marti Statler, Founder of Rebel Queen, has 14 years of publishing experience and a major entrepreneurial spirit. She knows exactly what she's doing when it comes to helping you get your book done. Her "no BS" approach to publishing and problem-solving—along with her tenacity to make things happen—is exactly why you want her in your corner to bring your message to the world.

Kelley Tenny

Industry: Online Course Creation + AI

Teach your Brilliance

I am an educator turned entrepreneur who helps experts turn their wisdom into wealth through online courses. My newest passion is teaching other how to power up their business with AI as their ally.
I will be sharing how micro-course creation is key in not only providing value to your community but moving leads through the customer journey through education. In a world where knowledge is power, the value that my customers receive before they even invest with me sets me apart from others in the industry.

Josefine Wanner

Industry: Coaching & Consulting

Josefine Wanner

I'm a former corporate executive turned entrepreneur, business growth strategist & international speaker. After almost 20 years as a financial services consultant and global program manager (at two of the Big4 companies, and Switzerland’s largest bank) a heartbreaking wake-up call gave me the courage to take the risk and start pursuing my own dreams. Within four weeks after my wake-up call, I resigned from my high status, well-paid job and made the commitment to overcome her fears and create a life of her own choosing. Today, I help others do the same. At the forefront of my mission, I work towards creating clarity for former corporate professionals and helping them build solid, profit producing coaching & consulting businesses to lead their lives outside the golden cage, ultimately without time constraints or compensation caps.

Wanda Allen

Industry: Coaching & Speaking

Follow Up Sales Strategies

I'm an Int'l Speaker, Coach & Author. I specialize in the area of follow up and relationship management. I've been in business for 12 years and everything I do is centered around helping all that I can improve their follow up and relationship management skills. Business is easier to get and relationships are easier to retain when these skills are strong. There's direct impact on service with all relationships...customers, prospects, referral sources and colleagues.

Laura Hulleman

Industry: Coaching & Branding

Laura Hulleman

Laura Hulleman has been a business owner for almost 30 years. She is the creator of the Endotype Formula and Endotype Branding. I will be sharing how Branding keeps your client experience on track. Confused clients don’t buy, don’t refer, don’t come back. Consistency is king. People think of the client experience as giving great thank you gifts and bonus materials. If that is off brand for you … it’s not right. Determining what your brand personality is first, will help determine your client experience.

Panel #2: 9:15am- 10:15am PST Understanding Customer Needs and Expectations

Caroline Aylward

Industry: Coaching, Video, Podcast, Brand Storytelling

Get a Helmet Studio

Caroline Aylward is a Film Director, Podcast Producer and Storytelling Doula. She is also the founder of Get A Helmet Studio, a full-service production company creating Brand Documentaries and top-rated Podcasts for women in business. Caroline helps women amplify the mission of their heart-centered brand through the power of authentic storytelling. I will be speaking on the importance of making your clients feel seen and heard. As well as how storytelling calls in your most aligned clients.

Jessica Martin

Industry: Healthcare Consulting

Martin Management LLC

I love being outside, especially when it's sunny!! I love being near water and am very calmed by lakes, rivers, and the ocean. I am an only child married to another only child - that can get interesting! I love meeting people and hearing their stories - there is so much to learn from others. I helped to transform our traditional dental practice into a dental spa. We address dental anxiety and have elevated the dental experience for our patients. Our team is trained on how to alleviate dental anxiety and each appointment is catered to the patients needs. There are a variety of comfort items offered to make the visit more relaxing and enjoyable.

James Allen

Industry: Online business coaching and training

Profit Your Knowledge

James Allen is an online business coach for content creators who want to have automated and scalable income that frees up their time so they can ditch the hustle & grind. Originally a productivity coach, James was obsessed with how to work fewer hours while simultaneously growing his income, which led him to learn about creating passive income with digital products. James has now helped hundreds of coaches & creators earn their first $100-$5,000 and more online with his private coaching, courses and content, while cutting their work hours in half. He uses simple methods to understand your perfect audience so you can virtually guarantee your products will sell before you build them, and then automate the sales process. As the founder of, James has a passion for helping people turn their knowledge, ideas, and skills into an automated income that not only gives them more money but also more freedom and fulfillment.

Mardeen Gordon

Industry: Commercial Sign Maker & Graphics

SignAge & ArtWorks

We are a commercial sign shop producing graphics and signs for all kinds of businesses, from home-based to retail to large corporate campuses. We also produce archival quality giclee prints of artwork for professional artists, and in 2022 we opened an art gallery to display the originals as well. I have been a commercial sign maker and artist since 1983 - 40 years!
I treat every customer equally, because I know that their project is very important for them. I listen to their needs and expectations, and give them the attention and respect that every human being deserves. I believe that being honest, authentic and vulnerable will build a connection on a human level, and result in loyal, long-term relationships.

Charissa Higgins

Industry: Marketing & Branding

Learn Earn Impact LLC

I AM A REBEL SPIRIT, creative marketing coach who hates to be told to stay in a box. I love to embolden woman to step into their own boldness and innovate in their space. I take the time to get to know my clients and create a high touch intimate experience to expand together. Because of the intimate group coaching they're able to get massive transformation in their brand movement and a roadmap to market that message and a nifty their leads and revenue. Because we worked closely with them on the inner work first they feel massively aligned with how the show up and sell their offers, they highlighted the sound of their can't business.

Carol Boston

Industry: Coaching & Speaking

CB Accelerators dba Carol Boston Coaching

If they made a movie about me, it would be called Rudy II. I am ex--collegiate & professional tennis player, who then spent 26 successful years as a sales expert for Fortune 100 companies. I empower women to be the Lioness Leaders they were created to be, multiplying their income and profits. Offline, I am called a Leadership Empowerment Coach and online I am known as the Queen of Reframe (ask me about that). I am very good at quickly uncovering the unseen and unknown, so we can immediately work on the root of the problem and not Band-Aid a symptom. As the Queen of Reframe, I use and teach my clients to use Empowering Questions to get the answers they really want. This can create an immediate awareness that I call "Oprah A-Ha" moments, helping my clients to make quick shifts, effect greater change and provide faster growth.

Panel #3: 10:30am -11:30am PST Designing Seamless Customer Journeys

Brittney Johnson

Industry: Customer Experience

Virtual Synergy Consulting LLC

Brittney Johnson is a seasoned Client Experience Specialist and Certified Operations Director, boasting over 15 years of customer support and leadership experience. With a passion for fostering strong client relationships and a relentless dedication to service excellence, Brittney has successfully supported CEOs & teams in various industries, including Marketing, Coaching, Legal, and Retail. Throughout her career, Brittney has been recognized for her ability to develop and implement innovative customer service strategies, streamline operations, and drive measurable improvements in client satisfaction. As a thought leader in the field, she has been invited to contribute to BRAINZ Magazine, sharing her insights on best practices for creating customer-centric practices. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Brittney holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. She is also an active member of the CXPA, further demonstrating her commitment to staying on the cutting edge of client experience trends and advancements. Brittney's unique blend of expertise, passion, and strategic thinking make her an invaluable resource for organizations seeking to elevate their customer support and enhance the overall client experience.

Denise Oster

Industry: Coaching & Real Estate

DOC Consulting LLC

A badass Queen helping high achieving women turn their brilliance into fun, freedom and financial wealth. For over 15 years, Denise has helped hundreds of clients realize their Inner truth (IT factor) and discover what they are destined to do. Her message, teachings, experience, knowledge, and coaching have eliminated the safety-value approach to living and transformed into an inner candle flame that won’t flicker even when the worst situations befall you. She is a catalyst for choice, commitment, and community. She is not about finding yourself, she is about creating yourself! Her inner mojo shifts your heart to look within and debunk limited beliefs. Denise’s journey to excellence has been fuelled by an unrelenting passion for empowering people to empower others as a result of all the obstacles she has had to overcome to achieve SASSY SUCCESS. An author, life coach, and successful realtor, Denise believes everyone has the potential to get their Swag On.

George Bryant

Industry: Digital Marketing, Customer Journey

Mind Of George

George Bryant is a world-renowned digital marketing strategist with a specialization in customer journey, relationships, and mindset. He is known for using his Relationships Beat Algorithm™ model to teach entrepreneurs and business owners how to apply these skills to help their businesses scale profitably. George accomplishes this through his top 1% podcast The Mind of George Show, consulting, digital courses, live events, and board advisory positions. He has worked with prestigious clients such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prevention Magazine, Onnit, Vital Proteins, and Gel Blaster. George was also the creative force behind Civilized Caveman, an intimate public diary that documents his journey from a United States Marine to a full-time food blogger entrepreneur. His groundbreaking paleo recipes and compelling storytelling helped him build an online following of over 1 million social media followers and an average of 6 million website visitors each month. George used his marketing skills to turn his recipes into a 22 Week #4 NYT Best Selling author and launch an app that Apple voted as the #1 health app of 2015.

Emma Ferrick

Industry: Operations

ELF Operations

My name is Emma Ferrick, and I am the founder of ELF Operations Consulting firm. I help driven entrepreneurs earn more while working less through my Optimization Framework to ensure they don't waste time or money when scaling their business. Prior to helping clients find balance and joy in their businesses, I graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in Operations Management and a Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma that led me to working full time as a Project Scheduler. I started my business to build a better life for myself and my daughter shortly after becoming a single mother from domestic abuse. What started out as a side hustle quickly grew into a thriving business (which has now become my business's motto: Thrive Over Survive). Because of my background and limited time, I built my business with automation and efficiency, with softwares like Clickup, from day one to help me live my life to the fullest. Now I help others do the same! I offer personalized solutions that support growing your business without constant oversight, so you can step out of survival mode and into your thriving role as a confident CEO!

Katrina Sawa

Industry: Business Coaching, Marketing and Publishing

K. Sawa Marketing Int'l Inc.

I love helping entrepreneurs make a LOT more money doing what they LOVE! There is a lot involved in making that happen so I'm more of a broad focused business coach to make sure my clients don't miss anything. I've been doing this for 21 years now and love helping clients save time and money in so many ways too... with the right webpages, programs and offerings, pricing, marketing, technology, automation and even the confidence to charge to their true worth.

Panel #4: 11:35am – 12:35pm PST Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Cameron Black

Industry: Concierge / App

Swiftly Team

Introducing Cameron, the CEO and Founder of Swiftly Group - a SaaS company that is revolutionizing the on-demand lifestyle space. With a passion for developing tools that make daily life easier, Cameron has built a strong team, culture, and product that benefit users.

With a successful track record of starting and succeeding in numerous business ventures, Cameron has gained valuable insights into entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership. As a sought-after mentor and investor, Cameron is passionate about creating opportunities for others to grow, learn, and succeed in their chosen fields. As a host of the De Entree Podcast Show, Cameron is a natural storyteller who engages listeners with insights and experiences from their entrepreneurial journey. With a focus on sharing knowledge, inspiring others, and building a community of like-minded individuals, Cameron is a dynamic and engaging speaker who brings energy, expertise, and authenticity to any event. Whether sharing expertise on product development, digital marketing, or customer acquisition, Cameron has the ability to simplify complex concepts and inspire audiences with practical insights that can be applied to their own lives and businesses. With Cameron's guidance, audiences can learn how to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and achieve success in today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape.

Jenna Warriner

Industry: Social Media Marketing

Parkdale Republic

Jenna's approach to Social Media is informed by a lifetime in the entertainment industry, and a background in PR. Get out there and entertain your audience. Build a community of fans around your biz. Show up authentically, and call in the CLIENTS... (and do it all in 15 minutes a day). There's a misconception in marketing that you need to hold all your genius close to your chest and not share how-to or informative material on social media. In reality you can start training, sharing and improving your customer's life before you work with them as part of your marketing strategy. By creating webinars, social posts, and lead magnets that truly give to your audience you can set them up for success before they take the leap to work with you. You can educate them on jargon, high level overviews and the mindset needed to have success when they work with you, by providing free content. Then once you start working with them, they have a better opportunity of having success with you instead of feeling like they're starting from scratch. Imagine the alternative; a client whose completely in the dark about your industry before working with you requires more hand holding, requires more explicit trust in you (which is scary for anyone making a large investment) and will potentially even question your methods and feel insecure until they see the ultimate results. The more you can support folks before they work with you (without giving away the farm, if you will) the better success they have when they're working with you.

Samantha Burmeister

Industry: Copywriter

Nomad Copy Agency

I'm a nomadic copywriter! Every business I write for gets high-converting copy. And when I'm not writing, I'm probably scoping out plane tickets for my next destination. I write the copy that goes in automations to help clients uplevel THEIR client experiences.
My customer experience uses excellent copy and well-placed automations to help THEM make more money using copy - it's a very meta place to be lol.

Jamie Milam

Industry: Alignment Coach & Strategist, Speaker, Realtor® & Podcast Host

Jamie Milam

On her own at the age of 15 and overcoming drug addiction when she learned she'd become a mother at 19, Jamie lived a self-reliant life, filled with pressure to build a better life for her and her son. Her figure-it-out mentality helped her rebuild her life from a single Rubbermaid tote and went on to build 3 businesses that she runs today. She learned that strategic systems were instrumental in her financial success but it was learning to practice deep selfawareness that allowed her to genuinely break free from pressure and value herself so deeply so she could navigate challenges with feelings of peace and align her strategies with her true self. Now she utilizes this powerful tool in all areas of her life and is on a mission to help others do the same. As an alignment coach, she helps female entrepreneurs develop a practice of self-awareness so they can break free from the pressure and overwhelm and experience peace with a strategy that is aligned with their true needs and desires.


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